Program and Training for Practical Conservators

Conservation of Built Cultural Heritage and Historic Preservation

Shelley-Anne Peleg and Michael Cohen

The complexity of conservation procedures requires wide varieties of skills, each of which is a specialty unto itself. Apart from practical expertise, conservators require theoretical knowledge, and an understanding of prevailing approaches in the field, conservation principles and professional ethics.

In recent years, conservation studies in Israel have developed significantly. They include different level courses in cultural heritage: academic, short seminars, fieldtrips and informal training. Yet, there is still need for professional practical training for field conservators.

For this purpose, the following entities have joined forces to implement in Israel the first practical conservation training program: Israel Antiquities Authority, Society for the Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites, Nature and Parks Authority and the Ministry of Interior Planning Administration, under the auspices of the Landmarks Heritage Program in the Prime Minister’s Office.

The program is professionally backed by ICCROM – International Center for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property.

The Goals of this program is to uphold the professional level of 'practical field conservators' and recognize practical conservation as a profession in Israel.

The program includes professional training, advanced lectures and enrichment for conservators already working in the field. It will impart them with practical conservation skills and emphases the broad spectrum of conservation processes. Upon completion of a trial period, graduates will be recognized by the Israel Antiquities Authority, Society for the Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites, and the Nature and Parks Authority as professional 'Field Conservation Team Leaders'. They will be included in the list of professional conservators, authorized to implement conservation work on behalf of these partner organizations.

Future related education courses and professional updates will be held to maintain graduates skills.

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